• Australia Thermal GlobalCOAL trades in past week.
Trade Delivery Lots Total US$/t FOB
Phys Newc Sep’08 1 15kt 185.00
Phys Newc Oct’08 1 15kt 184.00
Swap Newc Jul’08 11 55kt 194.04
Swap Newc Sep’08 1 5kt 189.00
Swap Newc Oct’08 1 5kt 187.00
Swap Newc Q3’08 7 105kt 186.43
Swap Newc Q4’08 1 15kt 189.00
Swap Newc 2009 1 60kt 176.50
Swap Newc 2011 3 180kt 178.50
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Jingtang Coal Price 13 June 2008

Jingtang Coal Price 13 June 2008

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Guang Zhou Foreign Trade Coal Price 24 June 2008

Guang Zhou Foreign Trade Coal Price 24 June 2008

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Coal Import Price via Guangxi’s Ports Soars in First Five Months

The coal imports via Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region’s ports totaled 6.878mt in the first five months of this year increasing by 20.9% year-on-year but with the growth rate dropping by 38.1 percentage points, announced the Ministry of Commerce on June 17th. In terms of the coal import value and price, they rose by 2.1 times and 77.4% respectively over the previous year to US$ 370M and US$ 54.5/t.

Guangxi’s ports imported coal mainly from Vietnam, which accounted for 2.5% more of the total volume than last year, namely 84% or 5.777mt. In the same period, the coal imports from Indonesia also surged from 55,000t in the first five months of 2007 to 1.049mt (Berau Shipped 58,210 mt to CLP Guangxi early June 08). Finally, Guangxi also started importing coal from Australia, which made up 52,000t of the total.
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