Prices and Markets

• Australia Thermal GlobalCOAL trades in past week.
Trade Delivery Lots Total US$/t FOB
Phys Newc Aug’08 1 30kt 166.00
Phys Newc Oct’08 1 75kt 170.50
Swap Newc Aug’08 7 50kt 173.60
Swap Newc Sep’08 1 5kt 170.25
Swap Newc Q3’08 5 105kt 173.60
Swap Newc Q4’08 21 390kt 172.44
Swap Newc Q1’09 15 285kt 169.51
Swap Newc Q2’09 2 30kt 167.93
Swap Newc Q3’09 1 15kt 160.00
Swap Newc 2009 9 540kt 165.84

• GlobalCOAL announced that the final specifications of the globalCOAL ICE Newcastle Futures contract have been agreed by ICE Futures Europe. The contract is scheduled to be introduced on the ICE platform on 5 September. The Newcastle Futures contract will financially settle on the gC Newc Index.

• China Coke Spot export price for 12.5% ash metallurgical coke has risen to US$680/t FOB.
• China Coking According to trade statistics China has imported 0.855Mt of coking coal from Mongolia in the 5 months January-May 2008, up 32% on the same period in 2007. Imports of coking coal from Australia for January-May 2008 were 0.809Mt, down 34% on the same period in 2007.

• Europe Thermal On 24 June 2008 2 x 150kt Phys ARA (DES) (Q4’08) traded at US$199.50/t and US$200.00/t while 150kt (Q1’09) traded at US$200.00/t. On 25 June 50kt (Oct’08) traded at US$200.00/t (all trades ACPRS & Ams/Rot).

• Japan Anthracite Steel mills are reported to have reached agreement with Vinacomin for JFY 08. Hongay No 6 used as PCI is priced at just under US$250/t and Hongay No 8 used for sintering is priced at about US$225/t FOB.

• Japan Semi Soft Coking The JFY 08 price for Newcastle semi soft coking coal has not yet been settled. Market reports suggest Xstrata Coal has indicated a price of US$260/t FOB, up US$196/t on the JFY 07 price of about US$64/t. The JSM are reported to be seeking settlement below US$200/t.

• Taiwan Thermal According to the Bureau of Energy coal consumption by the electric power industry for January-April 2008 totalled 11.148Mt (Taipower 8.864Mt and IPPs 2.284Mt), up 0.425Mt (4%) on the same period in 2007.

• Vietnam Thermal Vinacomin has signed framework contracts with PT Berau Indonesia and Maintime Hong Kong to buy 3.5Mtpa of Indonesian thermal coal for the Vihn Tan 1 power project in central Bihn Thuan province. The coal may be used to fuel the Thanh Hoa Province’s Nghi Son No 2 power plant if there is sufficient domestic coal for the Vihn Tan No 1 plant.


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  1. thank you for your effort.

  2. Just wanna sharing some information.
    You know…Coal price will boost seem to be USD 200 next week

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