• Australia Thermal GlobalCOAL trades in past week.
Trade Delivery Lots Total US$/t FOB
Phys Newc Sep’08 1 15kt 185.00
Phys Newc Oct’08 1 15kt 184.00
Swap Newc Jul’08 11 55kt 194.04
Swap Newc Sep’08 1 5kt 189.00
Swap Newc Oct’08 1 5kt 187.00
Swap Newc Q3’08 7 105kt 186.43
Swap Newc Q4’08 1 15kt 189.00
Swap Newc 2009 1 60kt 176.50
Swap Newc 2011 3 180kt 178.50

• China Coke The current spot export price for 12.5% ash metallurgical coke is reported to be about US$665.00/t FOB.
• Europe Thermal On 7 July 2008 2 x 50kt Phys ARA (DES) (Sep’08) (ACPRS & Ams/Rot) traded at US$219.75/t and US$221.00/t. On the same day 15kt of Colombian origin Phys ARA (FOB Barge) (Jul’08) traded at US$212.00/t. On 9 July 2008 50kt Phys ARA (DES) (Sep’08) (ACPRS & Ams/Rot) traded at US$211.00/t.
• India Coking SAIL has issued tender SAIL/CIG/HCC/ 2008-09/I dated 30 June 2008 seeking 0.5Mt of hard coking coal (mean max reflectance 1.15 to 1.35 and vitrinite 55% min) for delivery September 2008 to March 2009 with the first shipment to be made September/October 2008. The minimum bid quantity is 150kt. Bids are due by 1200 hrs 21 July 2008.
• Indonesia Thermal PTBA has increased the price for 2.8Mt of coal to be delivered to the Suralaya power plant between July and December 2008 by 13.4% to 617,900 Rupiah/t, basis 5,900 kcal/kg GAD (about US$66.95/t).
• Japan Semi Soft Coking JFY08 prices for Newcastle semi soft coking coal to JSM’s have not been settled with the parties reported to be well apart on price idea. According to Japanese sources steel mills have decided to minimise semi soft coking coal purchases in JFY08 by way of replacement of semi soft coking coal with low ash thermal coal and some PCI coal.
• Mexico Thermal CFE is continuing to operate the 2,100 MW coal/oil fired Petacalco power plant burning oil as coal stocks have been exhausted for some time. A new tender seeking about 1.5Mt of thermal coal is likely to be released in August 2008.
• Philippines Thermal Napocor is seeking three spot Panamax cargoes of thermal coal (5,960 to 6,750 kcal/kg GAR) for delivery to the Sual power plant 25 August to 18 December 2008. Bids close 23 July 2008.
• South Africa Thermal On 8 July 2008 60kt Swap API #4 Index (2009) traded at US$182.50/t. On 9 July 75kt Phys RB1 (Oct’08) traded at US$170.00/t.
• Taiwan Thermal Taipower issued tender TPC9702-S dated 4 July 2008 for 560kt of sub-bituminous thermal coal (5,000 kcal/kg GAR min and sulphur 0.2% max) in 8 Panamax cargoes to be delivered 13 October 2008 to 18 February 2009. Bids are due by 14 July 2008 with validity to 14 September.
• BJI: Down US$3.30/t FOB. Down A$1.20/t FOB.
03-Jul-08 190.95 596.7 198.41 443.6
10-Jul-08 187.65 586.4 197.21 441.0


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