Prices and Market – June 19, 2008

• Australia Thermal GlobalCOAL trades in past week.
Trade Delivery Lots Total US$/t FOB
Phys Newc Oct’08 1 30kt 156.00
Swap Newc Jun’08 1 10kt 157.50
Swap Newc Aug’08 1 5kt 157.50
Swap Newc Q3’08 1 15kt 157.00
Swap Newc Q4’08 3 45kt 155.17
Swap Newc Q1’09 4 60kt 150.63
Swap Newc Q2’09 5 75kt 147.30
Swap Newc Q3’09 1 15kt 136.30
Swap Newc Q4’09 1 15kt 141.00
Swap Newc 2009 6 360kt 144.21
Swap Newc Q1’10 1 15kt 144.00
Swap Newc 2010 1 60kt 146.50

• China Coke Spot prices for 12.5% ash metallurgical coke have risen to about US$620/t FOB with all indications of further rises to come over the next few months. According to trade statistics China exported 1.66Mt of coke at US$465.70/t in May 2008 and a total of 5.94Mt at US$403.89/t for Jan-May 2008.

• Europe Thermal On 10 June 250kt Phys ARA (DES) (Sep’08) (ACPRS & Ams/Rot) traded in 4 lots at an average US$175.95/t. On 11 June 50kt Phys ARA (DES) (Aug’08) (ACPRS & AMS/Rot) traded at US$179.00/t.

• Japan Anthracite In JFY 08 price discussions for PCI and sintering anthracite with steel mills Vinacomin has proposed Hongay No 5 lump at US$260/t, Hongay No 6 fines US$250/t and Hongay No 8 US$230/t FOB. Contract tonnes for Vietnamese anthracite to steel mills in JFY 07 were about 2.5Mt.

• Japan Thermal Blair Athol is reported to have settled contract price with Japanese power utilities for JFY 08 at about US$113.50/t FOB, basis 5,550 kcal/kg NAR equivalents to about US$124/t, basis 6,062 kcal/kg NAR. Blair Athol contract price in JFY 07 was US$49.93/t, basis 5,550 kcal/kg NAR.

• Hokuriku has recently purchased two spot Panamax cargoes of Newcastle thermal coal at prices above US$150/t FOB, basis 6,322 kcal/kg GAR.

• Korea Thermal Korea Midland Power tenders SP07 and SP08 for delivery 16 June to 31 July 2008 that closed 10 June has attracted offers from Indonesian suppliers only.

• Mexico Thermal CFE has partially awarded its 0.65Mt thermal coal tender for prompt shipment to Petacalco to unknown suppliers offering coal from unknown origin. 0.13Mt was awarded at US$178/t CIF and 0.26Mt at US$169/t CIF

• South Africa Thermal On 10 June 3 x 75kt Phys RB1 (Sep’08) traded at an average US$136.67/t and 75kt (Oct’08) traded at US$140.00/t. On 9 June 75kt (Jul’08) at US$135.00/t. On 11 June 75kt Phys RB1 (Jul’08) traded at US$134.50/t and 2 x 75kt (Nov’08) traded at an average US$144.00/t.


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