Lack of Supply, Cilacap Power Plant Suffering.

Cilacap coal-fired power plant in Central Java [2 x 300 MW ] sufferingfrom coal supply due to high sea level that interrupting coal shipment from Kalimantan during the past several days.

With coal consumption in average 2,500 MT/day for each turbine. Due to the limited coal stocks, the plant being forced to operate only one of its turbines [Sutikno : Plant Field Manager].

On June 6, coal supply of 13,394 tons coming to Cilacap port, and On June 13 about 7,000 tons coming through the company’s special port . As the high sea will likely continue to disrupt shipment within the next few days that expecting to arrive on June 23 .

This condition has worsened the power supply condition in the Java and Bali grid during the last two days. The power shortage for Java-Bali grid system has declined to 800 MW from 1,200 MW a day before after Paiton power plant in East Java has come into operation at full capacity [Murtaqi Syamsuddin : PLN’s Director Java Bali].

This condition is continuing on lack of electricity supply PLN earlier said that the sixth unit of the Suralaya plant in Merak, Banten has been unable to operate since Monday, also due to the delay in the coal shipment. Another Paiton power plant Unit in East Java which is the eighth unit could not be also operated on the same days due to a technical problem.


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