Napocor to re-tender for 130,000 tons of coal

Top Philippine electricity producer National Power Corp (Napocor) said on Thursday it will re-tender for two lots of panamax coal cargoes for its Sual plant on July 3.

The tender is for 130,000 tons of coal with a gross calorific value of 5,960-6,750 kcal/kg.

The budget for the tender, which will be based on latest published market reference rates, such as Platts, Barlow Jonker and Global Coal, will be announced two days before the submission of the bids, Napocor said on its Web site.

The pre-bid conference is on June 20 and the bidding proper is on July 3.

Manila declared a previous tender for its Sual plant a failure after it only attracted one bid, which was later rejected because it did not meet specifications.

The coal for the 1,294-megawatt Sual plant, located in Pangasinan, north of Manila, is slated for delivery between September 30 and October 9 and then December 21 to 30.

source: 12 June 2008


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